DanHeat-Sunrain - производитель альтернативных источников теплоснабжения в России. - MWT 500-R
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Multifunction buffer tank MWT-300 R. Volume of 300 liters. Series R

MWT 300-R

Used for simultaneous use as buffer reservoir of a home heating system, boiler for hot water and electric boiler

Short description:

Volume: 500 liters

Sizes:-height: 1 835mm-diameter: 700mm

Weight: 120 kg.

Capacity of exchanger №1: 3 kW.

Capacity of exchanger №2: 13 kW.

Built-in heater: 2 pcs of 3 kW

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar

Max. water temperature: 75 ° C


- Expansion tank

- Security group

- Pipeline insulation

- valve

We have developed a series of tanks R especially for heating systems in private homes.
We have divided the tank temperature is now at the top will always hot water, and at the bottom of the tank is necessary temperature to heat your home.

Now you can install a tank and no longer think of the boiler or heating boiler, it is all there. All heating elements with thermostats, you can put a comfortable temperature independently and it is possible to connect many sources of heat to a tank- heat pump, solar panels, pellet boiler or diesel, also a fireplace with a water heat exchanger.