DanHeat-Sunrain - производитель альтернативных источников теплоснабжения в России. - About us
About us «DanHeat-Sunrain»:

DanHeat-Sunrain Company is a manufacturer of alternative supply sources in Russia. The company was formed through the merger of the world's leading manufacturer of solar plants in China and the company SunRain company DanHeat, which is over 10 years engaged in the promotion of alternative energy in Russia and the CIS. Company Sunrain largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems in China, the leader of the world's production. Among the products all kinds of solar water heating systems, heat pumps as a hot water and low-temperature heat pumps for heating, tanks and various accessories.

Exports in more than 100 countries and regions from Germany to Australia from Greece to Canada. His research and scientific laboratories. It has 7 factories in China and Korea.

In 2013, it ranked first in terms of sales.

In 2015, begins the construction of a plant to produce all kinds of solar systems, heat pumps, water treatment systems, both domestic and industrial photovoltaic panels photovoltaic power plants and portable autonomous power supply and electric bikes. When the factory will attend the laboratory for quality control and testing of new models of products.

The plant will be located in the Republic of Crimea, Feodosia.